Store Keeper


Managing warehouse activities including, ordering, receiving, storing, and disbursing materials and supplies for various entities in a timely manner and ensuring efficient and cost-effective management of the warehouse.


  • Issuance of Daily/ Weekly report of receivables and issuances for MID / Subcontractor scope
  • Check Store Balance for all consumables, Hand Tools, Ancillaries and coordinate for re-order with Section Heads as per requirement on site.
  • Check availability of material/machinery/hand tools from another site in coordination with Stores Manager.
  • ssuance of MRR (Material Requisition Request) after checking Stores Balance in coordination with Stores Manager and having the Form signed by Section Head and PM as well as Cost Controller for Budget allocation.
  • Co-ordination with purchase / Procurement department for all Material PO's / VO's as necessary, receiving of material at site, entry and exit vouchers.
  • Process of receiving material in stores and checking of documents such as: Delivery note, invoice, purchase, order, test certificates, weighing slip, guarantee/warranty period card, visual and physical inspection of material/items for breakage, distortion, deterioration etc
  • Obtaining approval of material/items from the quality department / material engineer.
  • Documentation and filing works related to material receipt note, goods inspection reports, purchase order etc
  • Maintenance of goods receipt register including separate Excel Tracking for all Subcontractor Materials held at MID Stores.
  • Coordination with purchase, account department and another department as necessary.
  • Reporting to store in charge - preparation of monthly reports – received material quantity and balance quantity
  • Selection of suitable place for stacking, storing of material based on the physical property, hazardous condition, size, volume, weight, frequency of movement 
  • Tagging/labelling/coding basis on type of material
  • Handling of hazardous material
  • Check Shelf life of construction material and their issuing method, use first in first out method to utilize all materials prior their expiration date.
  • Understand and Maintain check of physical verification of material with respect to report and records.
  • Storing of scarp/discarded and rejected material in store/stock yard.
  • Process related to issuing of material/items such as indenting, requesting and approval signature, location where material/items will be used
  • Maintenance of ledger for maintaining current stock material register
  • Documentation and filing works related to issuing of material
  • Statutory requirement related to dispatching of material to other job sites
  • Report immediately on non-confirming Material and removal from stores.
  • Conduct Inventory as instructed and as per Company Procedures.
  • Fulfill Supplier Evaluation for each PO after receipt of Materials based on actual status.
  • Abide by Procedures set forth in the company for all activities related to Stores

Qualifications Education:

  • Bachelor’s degree—preferably in Industrial Engineering, Supply chain Management, business, or related area required.
  • Experience: Five years experience in W/H, commensurate with the responsibilities outlined above. Experience demonstrating ability to develop, implement and administer new processes and project deliverables. 
  • Language: Fluency in written English.

Technical software Competencies:

  • Contract Administration
  • Knowledge in Contract Principles (local & international)
  • Knowledge in Material Specifications
  • Knowledge in Warehouse Policies and Procedures
  • Knowledge in ERP Systems
  • Knowledge in Inventory Management Principles

Behavioral Competencies:

  • Accuracy
  • Adherence to company’s Policies and Procedures
  • Change Management
  • Cost Consciousness
  • Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Employee Development & Coaching
  • Flexibility and adaptability