Technical Engineer - Architect


Responsible for delivering all projects needs at the required time as per project schedule and coordinating between project internal and external parties under the direction of Projects Control Manger and assist all internal departments to achieve the success for the project.

Education Level B.Sc. in Architect Engineering

Experience From 7 to 11 Years’ experience at large scale projects (high-end) including minimum (3) continued years in construction sites.


  • Coordinating between project team and PCM in order to provide deliverables as per projects demands and giving priority to the site needs.
  • ensuring Design verification and coordination as per the project scope to cover Civil works, roads, infrastructure works, foundations, earthworks, excavation & backfilling and other utilities such as drainage, water supply, sewage, street lighting, electrical, communication, traffic control, pumping stations, pipelines etc.
  • Coordinating with all engineering disciplines in the Office and with the Clients including the Technical Evaluation of Technical submittals such as Shop Drawings preparation, Method Statements etc.
  • Managing design of the project within allotted timelines and budgets.
  • Supervising document controlling procedure to ensure implementation of the agreed flow charts, distribution of documents, proper documentation structure in the share point and appropriate recording through logs.
  • Producing all the as built drawings and relevant submittals on time.
  • Providing support for other engineering activities as required.
  • Ensuring clients' needs are met in timely manner; communicate effectively and follow up the client requirements received vied mails and letters for both PCM and site.

Main Technical Competencies

  • Knowledge of construction requirements and documentations.
  • Knowledge In specifications &buildings technologies.
  • Knowledge in Value Engineering Principles.
  • Management & coordination of design documents. 
  • Knowledge in Quality Control procedures and documents control.