Control Systems

All programs and action plans adopted by MID Contracting are subject to monitoring and follow-up processes at various stages. Checkpoints and milestones are added as stages in all action plans for progress and performance measurement.

MID Contracting controls the deviation from its implemented action plans through the corrective and preventive actions system in terms of quality, cost and time.

MID Contracting adopts and utilizes a comprehensive computerized information system.

Each division and/or department gathers the required information on regular basis as required by the controlling procedure(s) applicable to it. Information Systems in the company include the followings:

  1. Human Resources Management System;
    1.1 Recruiting
    1.2 Performance Appraisal
    1.3 Training Needs & Plans System
  1. Cost Control System;

           2.1 Stores and Materials System
           2.2 Labor Time Sheet System
           2.3 Sub-Contracting System
           2.4 Plant Equipment System
           2.5 Project Petty Cash System
           2.6 Overheads System
           2.7 Automated Accounting / General Ledger System

  1. Project Budgeting System
  1. Purchasing System
  1. Suppliers’ and Sub-Contractors’ Evaluation System
  1. Invoicing System for the Projects' Owner
  1. Accounting System
  1. Payroll and Personnel System
  1. Fixed Assets System
  1. Maintenance Management System