Technical Manager

Technical Manager

Job Code:3-11130-11

Job Grade:12

Managerial Level:11


            Main Responsibilities:

  • Management of External design firms to ensure design progress and quality.
  • Liaising between external designers, project construction design team, consultants and employers staff and follow up design submittals and approvals.
  • Participate in directing contract administration activities and ensuring a clear and mutual understanding of the contracts' requirements and obligations.   
  • Review and integration of design to ensure constructability and fulfillment of contract requirements.
  • Overseeing contractual correspondence and financial matters, including vouchers approval, payments procedures, and the certifications of subcontractors' payments, identification and assessment of change orders as per the guidelines.
  • Participate in managing the preparation of subcontract agreements and the development of related documents such as bills of quantities, and execution schedule and plan.
  • Dealing with complications encountered during performance and failures to comply with technical requirements of contracts, and identifying potential sources of conflict to help avoid future problems.
  • Directing systems, standards, procedures and methodologies to facilitate the provision and operation of Plant & Assets services to the high standard of performance expected in the organization. 
  • Ensuring that all projects are being managed effectively in the areas of contract administration, cost monitoring, procurement, material management, engineering, planning, quality assurance and quality control, construction, accounting, and health, safety and environment
  • Directing the development, communication and implementation of policies and practices to ensure financial reporting and all financial and accounting transactions comply with company practices, professional standards, and the terms of the clients’ contracts.
  • Providing support, advice and assistance to projects managers and site staff as appropriate and interacting with high level clients and contractors when required
  • Directing the development of key performance indicators for all quality activities handled internally and for projects, as well as setting objectives and quality improvement programs to be implemented throughout the company.
  • Ensuring the adherence of all operations to contracts and internal policies and procedures of MID.
  • Participating in preparing technical and financial offers for contracts and ensuring that all aspects and requirements are being met.

Job Specification:

  1. Education Level: B.Sc. Degree in Civil Engineering or a related field.
  2. Experience: From 7 to12 years’ experience in a related field including minimum 3 continued years in construction sites.
  3. Languages Required: Proficiency in both written and spoken Arabic and English languages

Technical Competencies:

  • Knowledge of Construction Requirements/Documentation.
  • Knowledge in Specifications &Building Technologies.
  • Knowledge in Value Engineering Principles.
  • Management &Coordination of Design Documents.
  • Shop drawing Management and Coordinating for large scale projects for (4) years’ at least.
  • Knowledge in Quality Control Procedures and document Control.