Warehouse Supervisor

Warehouse Superintendent


Job Location: Amman                                                                                  Required Date: ASAP

Job Code: 2-1432-9


Job Summary:

Managing warehouse activities including, ordering, receiving, storing, and disbursing materials and supplies for various entities in a timely manner and ensuring efficient and cost-effective management of the warehouse.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Working closely with the Purchaser to establish and maintain inventory purchase contracts, ensuring compliance with MID’s policies and procedures..

Maintaining effective inventory stock controls to prevent unwanted inventory accumulations and to prevent stock outs and unneeded surpluses.

Monitoring, calculating and planning daily and long term ordering requirements of inventory stock items.

Coordinating warehouse work schedules to ensure timely and effective completion of projects and to ensure timely and efficient delivery of materials to concerned departments.

Ordering, receiving, storing, and disbursing materials and supplies for various entities.

Prioritizing, organizing, planning, and scheduling the daily work assignments of the Warehouse.

Exercises, directs, and ensures a safe work environment in the warehousing area at all times.

Inspecting delivery documents against the P.O. check for quantities and obvious transit damages and ensuring that materials are checked in compliance with established specifications.

Planning, organizing and controlling the assets (assets such as Scaffolding/formwork etc.) and providing assistance for its usage at the site.    

Identifying and prearranging material storage sites, and coordinating the physical depositing of spare parts and materials


Job Specifications:


 Education: colleague degree /vocational certificate in related field.


Language Required: Proficiency in both written and spoken Arabic and English languages.



Experience: 3-5 years of experience in W/H supervision in contracting companies.