Construction of The Infrastructure Works for Water, Wastewater and Communication Networks for Kharj Residential Compound

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Al Kharj City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Engineer name: 
Saudi Arabian Parsons Ltd
Al-Ayuni investment & Contracting Company
2014 - 2016

Infrastructure works for water, wastewater and telecommunication network in an area of (2,534,430) m2. The scope consisted of:

1. Water Distribution Networks, consisting of:

a. Ductile iron D.I. (PN16) pipes K9; sizes 250mm, 300mm & 350mm of quantities 6,672, 1,538 & 48 length meters respectively.

b. HDPE (PN16) pipes; sizes 160mm & 200mm of quantities 34,674 & 11,658 length meters respectively.

c. All zoning isolating gate valves & butterfly valves with required concrete valve chambers.

d. Fire hydrants construction with required accessories .

e. House connections.

2. Sewer Networks, consisting of:

a. Vitrified clay pipes (Standard strength class SS, sizes 200, 300, 400 & 500mm

of quantities 38330, 678, 879 & 68 length meters respectively.

b. Ductile iron D.I. (PN16) pipes K9; sizes 200mm & 350mm of quantities 715 & 627 length meters respectively.

c. Circular manholes of precast / cast in-situ concrete with internal diameter of 1.2m, with variances depths and types.

d. House connections using uPVC pipes with their accessories.

3. Telecommunication Networks, consisting of:

a. Installation of PECD ducts 110 mm with 5 sub-duct 32 mm with total length of 6774 meter.

b. Installation of PECD ducts 110 mm without sub-duct with total length of 36450 meter.

c. Installation of HDPE drop duct 32 mm with total length of 182931 meter.

d. Installation of Hand Holes, quantity of 688 No.'s.

4. Handing over, testing and commissioning of the above works.