Staff Code of Ethics

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  • Conduct themselves in a manner that will merit respect of clients, suppliers, sub-contractors, MID members, and community.
  • Uphold the reputation of MID and the dignity of its members.
  • Carry out their duties responsibly and with integrity in timely manner.
  • Perform their work without bias not allowing personal interest or other individuals or organizations to influence their professional conduct, judgment, interpretation, analysis, and presentation of facts.
  • Not to discuss with or disclose to any person, who is not authorized to receive such information whether inside or outside their employers organization, the data, results, reports, or proposals arising from their work; Nor cause such confidential information to be misused or published without official permission or BOD consent.
  • Not to receive any undisclosed material benefits other than their normal emoluments consequent upon any recommendation they may make in the course of their duties.
  • Abide with Law.