Le Royal Amman Hotel

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Amman – Jordan
Engineer name: 
General Mediterranean Consultant
General Mediterranean Jordan
1997 - 2001


An imposing Land Mark rising over 106m from the Street level in the Skyline of Amman.

The Le Royal Hotel & Complex with 290 Keys Luxurious (5) Stars Hotels and 30 Stories, Located on the One of the City’s Mountain tops, with a total built area of 128,000 m2 is a multi functional unique facilities consisting of:

  1. (256) Standard Guest Room.
  2. (20) Junior Suites.
  3. (12) Executive Suites.
  4. (2) Royal Suites. 

 5-      Health Club with 12,000 m2 being the Largest Health Club in Jordan and it includes:-

  • Two Indoor Swimming Pools (One with salt water).
  • (13) Special Treatment Rooms.
  • (2) Jacuzzi’s.
  • Special Experience Showers.
  • Aerobics Halls.
  • Gym Halls.

 6-      (13)  different style Restaurants.

 7-      (2) Ballrooms, one of 1600 and Seated persons Capacity and the other of 400 seated persons.

 8-      Commercial offices, Business Center and Meeting Rooms.

 9-      Entertainment Floor includes 3 Cinemas, each Cinema of 140 persons Capacity in addition to Shopping Center.

 10-   Back of House (BOH) areas includes Management and staff offices, Main Kitchen and Laundry, Maintenance Staff Offices and Workshops, Car parks, Services and Technical Rooms.

 MID Contracting Scope:-

 1-      Excavation package:- 250,000 m3 with a depth of 32 m below Street Level.

 2-      Civil Work package :-

Including the following:

  • 180,000 m3 Concrete for the Skeleton including Raft Foundation with a volume of 16,000 m3 of concrete and 4,000 ton of Steel, which was considered at the time of Construction, the Largest  Raft Foundation in the Middle East.
  • 500,000 m2 Formwork (Peri, Doka and quick strike systems).
  • 20,000 ton of Steel Reinforcement, (Cut, Bend and Tagged at MID Fabrication Yard).
  • All internal Block works including all details to comply with seismic requirement, Plastering, Painting and Flooring for BOH areas.

3-      External Stone Cladding:-

48,000 m2 stone cladding by using Stainless Steel Mechanical Fixing System including all water proofing and drainage system behind stone.

Due to the unique and special Geometry of the Building, a model had been prepared and subjected to Aerodynamic tests in Germany Laboratory to determine actual wind pressures for optimum design.

4-      Dry Walls Partitions and Gypsum Boards False Ceiling Package:

The works includes supply and install 185,000 m2 of fire rated and Acoustical Double Dry walls partitions for Hotel Guest Rooms, single dry wall cladding for Mall Area and All False Ceilings for Hotel and Mall parts including all details to comply with seismic requirements.

5-      Finishing and Internal Decoration Package :

For Guest Rooms, Restaurants, Ballrooms and all Front of House (FOH) areas, the Work includes the following :

  • Fire Rated Wooden Doors, Wooden Cladding and Wood decorative.
  • Metal and Bronze Artistic Works
  • Mosaic, Granite and Marble for Walls and Floors
  • 15,000 m2, GRC Cladding for Main Hall and Lobby.
  •  Frameless Glass for Partitions , Balustrades, Automatic Sliding and Folding Doors
  • Revolving Doors.
  • Technical and Standard Painting.

 6-      Steel Structure Roof for Banqueting consists :-

Of 3.6m depth Built up Girder beams with 39m free Span to cover 2500 m3 area, including all fire rated treatment for Steel Structure.

 7-      Soft, Hard Landscape and Water Features:-

 6,000 soft and Hard Landscape including Plantation, Irrigation External swimming pools and (13) different water features which includes Musical foundation, Mist foundation , Waterfalls …. etc.

8-      Construction Management for Nominated Sub-contractors:-

With full responsibility for Quality, Safety progress and schedule for the following Packages:

 Electro / Mechanical Package.

  1. Cinemas Package.
  2. Kitchens and Laundry Equipment.
  3. Hotel, Restaurant, Offices and Front of House areas Furniture.
  4. Carpets and Curtains Package.
  5. Lighting Fixtures, Hardware, and Sanitary Fixtures Package.
  6. Signage, directional and information signs.
  7. Chandleries Package.
Le Royal Amman Hotel
Le Royal Amman Hotel
Le Royal Amman Hotel