Phosphoric & Sulfuric Acid Plant

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    Eshideyeh, Ma'an - Jordan
    Engineer name
    SNC-Lavalin Europe (SNCLE)
    Client name
    Jordan- India Fertilizer Company (JIFCO)
    2010 - 2014

    Sulfuric Acid Plant of 4500 MT/Day production capacity.

    Phophoric Acid Plant of 1500 MT/Day production capacity

    Neutralization Plant (Engineering & Equipment by F.L. Smidth)

    MID Contrcting (Main Construction Contractor) Scope of Work:

    1. Civil works for plant (excavation, reinforced concrete, steel reinforcement including supply of material).
    2. Complete construction of non process buildings including design & supply of material
    3. Steel structures (Supply & Installation).
    4. Construction of roads, utilities & Offsite.
    5. All plant equipment operation works.
    6. All piping installation works including partial supply of material.
    7. All duct installation works.
    8. All electrical installation works including partial supply of material.
    9. All instrumentation installation including partial supply of material.
    10. Support for refractor and walls.
    11. Support for Anti-Acid lining works.
    12. Support for rubber lining works.
    13. Pre-commissioning and Commissioning.
    14. Defect liability / Warranty and Maintenance Period for one year after mechanical works completion.