Aqaba New Port (Package 2) – Grain Terminal Expansion

  • Category
    Aqaba, Jordan
    Engineer name
    JV of ARCADIS - Dar Al Handasah (Shair & Partners) - Dar Al Handasah Jordan
    Client name
    Aqaba Development Corporation
    2017 - 2019

    The project is an EPC turnkey lump sum project for detailed design, manufacturing, delivery on site, construction, erection, testing and commissioning, training of the Employer’s personnel and maintenance during the Defects Notification Period for the new Grain Terminal Expansion to provide a minimum of 100,000 tons of extra storage capacity in concrete silos effectively doubling the total storage capacity to 200,000 tons; comprising of the following main elements:

    1. New ship unloading/loading facilities at the new berth and a new long haul reversible belt conveyor, including:

    • One new rail mounted mechanical combi ship loader/unloader with an unloading rate of 800 T/hr and a loading rate of 850 T/hr,
    • A new long haul reversible belt conveyor with a capacity of 850 tons per hour for loading/unloading grains at the berth;
    • Modification (extension, adaptation and widening) of the existing overhead conveyor gallery and overhead conveyor bridge including additional supports.

    2. Headhouse expansion, including:

    • A separate partly concrete/steel headhouse expansion with all required modifications on the existing headhouse.
    • A system of chain conveyors running from the truck loading chain conveyors to the weighing / transfer tower; and from the upper bucket elevator in the headhouse expansion to the distributing intake chain conveyor on top of the existing silo deck;

    3. Storage facility expansion, including:

    • Extra storage facilities consisting of 28 concrete freestanding silo bins (each 3,600 tons) with 4 rows of each 7 silo bins;
    • Chain conveyor lines on top of the new silos, fed from the existing chain conveyors on the existing silos and feeding the new silos;
    • All required modifications to the existing silo complex.

    4. Outtake conveying system, including:

    • Extension and modification of the existing belt conveyors underneath the silos to the new silo expansion with continuous belt loading chutes;
    • Modification of the existing chain conveyors running towards and on top of the truck loading / bagging station to enable outtake towards vessel loading;
    • 2 x 7 direct truck loading spouts at the new silo bins at the North and South side of the silos.

    5. Utilities and services.