Ammonia Storage Tank

  • Category
    Aqaba, Jordan
    Engineer name
    Tasmi International Spain
    Client name
    Jordan Phosphate Mines Company

    The Ammonia Storage Tank was a sub-contract from Tasmi International Spain and was constructed at the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company’s premises in Aqaba, Jordan.

    The Work Consisted of:

    • Medium depth piles of 12.0m depth spiral reinforced.
    • 88 No.’s cast in-situ Piles with recoverable casing.
    • On the top of piles and raft of 0.5 m thick specially reinforced for seismic effect with a cast raft of 3.0 meter diameter.
    • 88 No.’s cylindrical columns,2.0m height and 1.0m diameter, were constructed on the raft to support a suspended slab of 0.8 m thick and 30cm diameter.
    • Pipe racks with inserts,
    • Special insulation for Ammonia Tank was also carried by MID Contracting.