Mission , Vision & Core Values

To maintain competitive leadership position, and continuously improve MID Contracting market share through:

  • Maintaining the requirement and satisfaction of the Client.
  • Mainting and improving the works and services provided.
  • Continue building our reputation of integrity and excellence through quality construction and engineering solutions.
  • Employ best resources and latest techniques and secure working environments.

To be the leading provider of quality engineering construction services in Jordan, Middle East & abroad

Core Values

Integrity - We are committed to the highest ethical standards, uncompromising integrity, honesty & fairness & mutual respect.

Professionalism - We maintain the highest standards of excellence, corporate behavior and performance in addition to commitment to Time and Cost.

Quality - Commitment to international standards of quality.

Safety - Safety will always come first as we strive for accident-free projects.

Team Management - (with Shared Responsibilities). We don’t work for one person… we work together as a team.

Sustainability - We plan and act for the future & continuous development of our company and community.