Prince Rashid Hospital – Irbid

  • Category
    Hospitals & Clinics
    Irbid - Jordan
    Engineer name
    Arabtech Jardaneh
    Client name
    Ministry of Public Works & Housing
    2003 - 2004

    Hospital infrastructure works:

    1. Dismantling all old systems in the hospital and replaced with new system.
    2. Refurbishment and renovation of the hospitals infrastructure mechanical works, external sewerage network and steam boilers.

      Re-check design and preparing shop drawings and execute all mechanical works as follow:

      • Pumps
      • Hot water system
      • Domestic hot/cold water system
      • Sewerage & pumps networks
      • Wastewater treatment (Crease interceptor)
      • Steam network
      • Softener system and all accessories and network related.
    3. Renovation of kitchen equipment, cold rooms and faucets.
    4. Renovation of electrical works infrastructure of site and associated building as well as installing and commissioning of new power generator.
      • Installation all electrical work for new mechanical equipment
      • Installation power and low current system
    5. Renovation of laundry equipment
    6. Building an automated control system
    7. Motor control center
    8. Construction management and planning for all projects works.
    9. Special fire suppression, FM-200 & Co2 system.