Dunes Club

  • Category
    Hotels & Resorts
    Amman, Jordan
    Engineer name
    Jafar Toukan and Partners
    Client name
    Amman Development and Investments
    1997 - 1998

    The Project consisted mainly of the execution of a Five Star finishing works of the 12,000 m2 resort, along with the construction of the external works and landscaping.

    Internal finishing incorporated a variety of architectural features ranging from different types, floorings marble, cast insitue terrazzo, PVC, ceramic, wall cladding stone, and marble in addition to special painting, wooden panels, glass blocks, also include wooden counters, cabinets benches, swimming pools and wide range of false ceilings.

    External works involved the construction of boundary walls retaining walls, nine international tennis courts, car parks, walkways green areas.

    In addition to Management of The Equipment Supplied by Employer