Water Supply Development 6 Deep Wells at Eshidiya Mine, EPC Contract

  • Category
    Shedeyeh – Jordan
    Engineer name
    Consolidated Consultants
    Client name
    Jordan Phosphate Mines Company
    2013 – 2014

    The project is Engineering, Procurement and Construction for infrastructure works for water supply of 6 No's deep wells at Eshidiya Mine complex.

    The package covers Civil, Mechanical and Electric Works.

    The main elements of project are:

    1. Construction of 6 No's borehole headworks.
    2. Transmission pipe to connect to each borehole headworks.
    3. Access roads.
    4. Electrical works for power to cooling and relift stations.
    5. Electrical works for power to headworks ring main.
    6. SCADA and ICA work including buried cabling to each borehole headworks
    7. Cooling tower to comprise contractor's design cooling towers and civil sump.
    8. Relift pumping stations and ancillary buildings.
    9. Water Storage Reservoir (2 cell)
    10. Outlet pipework and connection to existing pumping station.
    11. Other miscellaneous work including fencing, landscaping and other